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When is the best time of year to get a Security job in Auckland?

Over the last couple of years I have gathered the number of new job postings for particular jobs advertised on Seek. Here’s the results.

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ciscoios-acl – A Fail2ban Module for Managing Cisco IOS ACLs

I’ve been using fail2ban to protect a number of services from external attacks. The software works well, but what I wanted to do is to have fail2ban update an ACL on a Cisco IOS router rather then the IPtables on the host itself. Here’s the code and some tips on setting it up.

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Dual Stack Policy Rules on Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall

The Cisco Zone-based firewall was derived from the old “firewall feature set” and allows the administrator to define firewall rules based on zones, where each zone may contain one or more logical interfaces. Using Cisco’s zone-based firewall isn’t as easy as many other solutions (e.g. Juniper SRX, Cisco ASA), and recently I needed to configure …

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Restricting Management Access to Fortigate Firewalls

Sometimes it’s just unavoidable that you need to do in-band management of firewalls. This is particularly the case if the firewall is hosted externally – such as within AWS. Here’s a quick recipe on restricting management access to the Fortigate firewall.

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