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When is the best time of year to get a Security job in Auckland?

Over the last couple of years I have gathered the number of new job postings for particular jobs advertised on Seek. Here’s the results.

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Timing Issues With Junos Olive Under Linux Qemu/KVM

I’ve been fighting a bug with Junos Olive VMs running under KVM on a CentOS server for the last few days. I use Olive images now and then for network labs and to test configurations, and lately they’re not running very well at all on my Linux KVM server. Here’s a quick post on the …

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Juniper OSPF and Unexpected Features

I had an interesting situation in a lab environment the other day. It seems Juniper has been tweaking how OSPF works with their routers with some interesting consequences.

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Juniper Filter-based VLANs

So during my efforts to study for the Juniper JNCIP-Ent ( Enterprise Routing & Switching ) exam, I happened to come across a Juniper switching feature called Filter-based VLANs. In normal VLAN-based switching, a device’s assigned VLAN is configured on it’s access port and can’t be changed no matter what is connected to that port. …

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